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Residential Styling & Staging uses what you already own so you are sure to like the look, in fact, you will be amazed at the results!

My interest in home interiors goes deeper than simple esthetics. The inner spaces of our homes can effect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to feel at ease, creative and uplifted in our rooms but that may not be the case. At Jan Laurie Residential Styling & Staging we understand the elements and principles of design so we will make the very most of each room that you live in. The qualities that we need for positive living can be influenced and directed in the layout of a room. The placement of the light, furniture, art & accessories all help the room to serve its function as dining room, living room, family room, etc. and are what facilitate successful rooms for the whole person/people who live there. This is the greenest variety of decorating available.



People who are:

  • Frustrated, knowing that their decorating isn’t right but they’re not sure what to do about it ,

  • Decorating on a budget, wanting a sophisticated look using what they already own. The cost is less than buying a new chair!

  • Too busy or tired or unavailable to attend to the work themselves.

  • Ready for a new look as their rooms are feeling stale.

The goal of my business, Jan Laurie Residential Styling & Staging is to create beautiful rooms, using what you already own, which will support and nurture you in the living of your lives.




You call our office, Jan Laurie Residential Styling & Staging at 250.751.1885 (Nanaimo) and ask about an In-home consultation - Together we will set a time to meet and walk through your rooms. You can talk to me about your areas of dissatisfaction. Once I’m clear about what you are needing we estimate the amount of time and set a date for your 1-Day Decorating transformation.

1 - Day Makeover - What? It’s done in a day???
Yes! Jan Laurie Residential Styling & Staging will transform the identified room(s) in a single day. You will come back at day’s end with the job completed! Be prepared to be amazed!

You are sure to love our Residential Styling & Staging service because we are approachable, we are affordable and we use what you already own!




Home Staging is preparing and presenting your house for sale in order to make the strongest first impression to the greatest number of potential buyers. Stagers enhance curb appeal; work with the flow of a home; edit belongings; arrange furniture, lighting and art.

Home Stagers can think like the buyer, not the owner. Buyers are looking for a home that they can picture living in. They want to be able to simply move in and add their own personal touches to make the house feel like their own. When they walk through your home they will stay and look longer if they experience an emotional connection which staging helps provide.

See what the National Association of Realtors has to say about home staging.

The best time to stage your home is before you invite a Realtor to come and represent you. A well-staged home can affect the setting of the house price and shows the home better in photos and walk throughs. The objective is to have your home well priced and looking better than the competition. Realtors recognize staged homes as the premium listings to be viewed. This results in more showings and more offers.

Staging IS an essential and lucrative step in selling real estate as it increases the desirability of a property and significantly increases the potential price a house sells for. This makes both the seller and the Realtor happy.

It is very hard to have perspective about your own home. This is why MOST people today hire a professional Home Stager. We bring fresh eyes, training and experience.

We also understand that preparing to sell your home can be stressful so let us help you along the way to SOLD.

Call me for a consultation to see how Home Staging can help you.

This is the simplest and best investment you can make to secure the equity you have in your home. You will be amazed at the difference we can make in the presentation of your house, condo or townhouse.




“Staging our home with Jan Laurie was the best decision we made in the process of preparing to sell. Jan's expertise and her talent for showcasing our home's strengths allowed us to use our own furnishings to show buyers how wonderful it would be to live in our house. In fact, when we move we will be working with Jan again - just to make sure that we are getting all that we can from the new place. She made the experience of preparing our home a collaborative opportunity and the results were fantastic. In a difficult market, our home sold within two weeks of the staging.
Working with Jan is truly enjoyable and we would recommend her to anyone who wants to have their home shown for what it can be.”
D & B Therriault, Parksville

“An interior rescue - Burnt out after painting the entire interior of my home and adding color for the first time in search of a ‘new look’ --- and ‘re-doing’ every room over the course of a year, I just gave up! I just couldn’t face finishing the makeover with any enthusiasm. It was TOO much! Jan came in, talked to me about it for an hour or so, and then efficiently went about achieving in a day, what I had been unable to accomplish in a year. A fresh look, the pathways of my home opened -- but most amazing -- the ‘feeling’ of tranquility that I thought was gone forever has been restored.
I highly recommend what Jan does. I love what she did here -- and I didn’t have to do it myself!!”
I. Makepeace, Nanaimo

“Staging our home for selling in the Parksville real estate market was one of the best investments we’ve ever made!
We found it a big challenge deciding where to start decluttering .... what should stay? what to pack away? Jan had the solutions. She showed us which portion of our belongings we could prepack and put in storage. Following her advice meant our house showed better AND when we were ready to move, we had already done some of the work - what a bonus. Jan created a welcoming, calming atmosphere for potential buyers to experience as they walked through our living spaces.
We quickly realized that Jan understands the real estate market. Her attention to details is amazing. She wanted our home to look ‘first class’ before the promotional photographs were taken. Our own Realtor exclaimed “Wow!!” when he saw the transformation after Jan had done her staging artistry. “What a lovely home, it shows beautifully!” were the consistent comments from the Realtors and their clients.
We are delighted to whole-heartedly recommend Jan Laurie’s services. She is a gifted professional, a great listener and communicator. We were caught up in her energy and enthusiasm for her work right from the start. Thank you Jan!
p.s. When we plan our future moves, ..... you’re on Speed Dial!”
S & B Ainslie, Parksville

“I was really impressed at how you "see". You work with what is there. You have the ability to work with other people's styles and not to just insist everyone use your style which I think can be a problem with some sylists. You made us both very happy and excited and gave us new eyes. You are wonderful at your job, truly inspiring. I think you are fantastic and anyone would benefit from your expertise. I needed help because I was really unhappy with my place and didn't know what to do, what to buy, where to start to make it into a happy place to be. I found you very easy to work with, very simpatico. You really care and want the best for your client.”
E. Johnston, Gabriola Island

“Thanks so much for your first class professional efforts staging my house for sale.”
Mike F, Nanaimo

“Thanks again, Jan, for all your help hanging our art collection - I really love how our new home is all coming together! A friend from NZ was here last week and she also commented on all the memories it brought back for her - to see all of our art so well hung!!”
L. Pierce, Mill Bay

“When Jan arrived at my home, I immediately felt comfortable. She presents herself in a very business like manner,materials with her, ready to take on the task at hand. She is conscious of her time which has been predetermined with her client. No Surprises! She has an excellent eye for colour/ design/texture/ incorporating all to create an earthy, organic sense. When Jan and I worked together I found us using materials ( pillows, pictures, throws, even shawls) which I thought I had retired, only to see them recreated in an updated fashion. Pictures are hung/ placed on shelves/ overlapped/ to add variety and an excellent appeal to my eye and to decorating. I love my house, and so have many others, after Jan completed it. I am enjoying it with awe and delight. Thanks Jan!”
F. Lutz, Nanaimo

“We hired Jan Laurie Residential Styling & Staging to help us ready our home for real estate showings. Jan was very helpful suggesting and showing us ways to make our place simpler and pleasing to the eye. She was both caring and professional. Our home sold in two weeks in a difficult market. We recommend Jan's services and would use her again.”
V & B. Carvell

“We could hardly wait for our second visit with you. Dan and I felt like we were part of the team. We look around the condo and like it very much, every room seems to flow into the next one. At first we thought a residential stylist would be over our budget, but soon found out how very reasonable your price is. We can not thank you enough for all the work you did to help us be comfortable in our new home.
We are glad our friend recommended you to us and we will be passing along your name to others too!”
Dan and Elly Campbell, Nanaimo

“Having Jan's artistic eye and colour expertise was just what I needed to bring it all together.”
M. MacLaren, Parksville

“Jan worked with my own possessions and was very sensitive to my style preferences. She rearranged furnishings, accessories and art objects to enhance spaces and create greater harmony. After only a two hour session, I felt that my home was much more coordinated and comfortable. Jan is very professional and enjoyable to work with. I plan to have further consultations and utilize Jan's exceptional design sense.”
Sandy Dunn, Parksville

“I really appreciate all your hard work and energy – I’m still so thrilled with the way it looks! Jan you’re a genius!!”
Jane Garcia, Downtown Coast Realty Group Nanaimo

“The interior of the property appeared very dated and this detracted from the excellent character and valuable features of the property. As a Realtor I knew that we were in a difficult market and the property had to be priced accurately and shown to its full advantage. We sold the property in just a few days and the dramatic transformation of the interior by Jan Laurie was instrumental in both a rapid sale and a fine price for the owner.”
Morgan Baker, Realtor

“We are very pleased to recommend Jan Laurie.
She has transformed our home with care and sensitivity, creating an attractive and artistic arrangement in every room. She has a touch of genius with the small details that make such a big difference.
A visiting realtor, after showing our home recently, said that she had “never seen a home better prepared”.
One can't ask for more than that.”
Dick & Janet Chudley - Qualicum

“I can’t tell you how much receiving your interior styling expertise means to me Jan. I don’t have family nearby to help, so having your assistance finishing the look of my new home and hanging my favourite art is wonderful! I’ve lived here less than a week and I am so comfortable and happy in my new ‘resized’ space. I have really enjoyed having you in my home.”

“I appreciated your talent in staging our home. I loved the way you pointed out things that gave character and detail to each room, while suggesting changes to enhance value for potential buyers. You have an eye for 'details that matter': details that emphasize matter to the potential buyer. This service is extremely helpful in preparing any home to go on the market. Your approach is professional and friendly making me feel very comfortable. Thank you again.”
C. Howden, Nanaimo

“ReSizing to Highgate Lodge - Gratitude for Work Well Done
Having my treasured possessions placed in a way that enhances my well being is what Jan Laurie has done for me. I had to eliminate so many things that it was a relief to have someone help me place what I could in my limited space in a fairly short period of time. The pleasure it gives me has certainly aided in my adjustment to this Independent Living Lifestyle.”
E. Taggart, Highgate Lodge, Nanaimo

“Thank you for working with Brad and I to show our home to best advantage. It really takes the “eye” of someone with your talents to make the difference between “just fine” to “wow”! Brad and I are very comfortable with the changes we made with you right then and there, and also the suggestions you left with us. I'm sold on Home Staging and Styling!”
J. Wright - Lantzville

“Jan Laurie is a gifted designer with an eye for possibility. She approaches her craft of redecorating with a combination of respect for her clients and enthusiasm for what needs to be accomplished. As a client, I was appreciative of the way that Jan listened carefully to my concerns. She discovered wonderful solutions to decorating dilemmas in our home that I considered insolvable. Best of all, she did this without suggesting that I go out and buy brand new furniture! Our whole family has reaped the benefit of the new look and feel of our living space. I highly recommend Jan to anyone who longs for a decorating makeover. You will find yourself feeling more at home than ever before!”
K. Wehlander, Nanaimo

“Just want to say a huge thank you for the interior makeover you did on my condo. The changes you made are staggering and incredible and I love my ‘new’ home. The changes that you made when you moved my things around add much more light, comfort and excitement to my home. Also your very knowledgeable ideas about furniture was invaluable. I am telling all my friends about your great business, thanks!”
L. Pearson, Nanaimo

“Many thanks for putting your professional and creative expertise together with our ideas and treasures to make our home more interesting and enjoyable. We are very happy with the results.”
C & B Steane - Nanoose Bay

“After having to downgrade my home, I felt uncomfortable about my living space. I had trouble arranging my furniture and items and couldn’t seem to get around an uneasy air. Thanks to your expertise, Jan, the redesign surpassed my expectations. Your eye for colour groupings and shapes turned an awkward environment into a comfortable and inviting space with an artistic flair.”
N. Shaw - Nanaimo